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Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake 



The last habitat of pelicans and the largest birds reservation in Europe.One of the last sweet water swamps on the Mediterranean,the biggest lake on the Balkans,one of the greatest natural and historical attractions in Montenegro!The proud owner of all this adjectives is Skadar Lake.That is the reason for declaring it a National park,therefore don't miss this picnic-264 sort of birds,48 sort of fish,30 submarine springs called "oka"(eyes),numerous islands,fish colonies and complex of monasteries. Besides the regular boat tour,everything else is left to your wishes and tastes:swimming in fresh lake water,picking chesnuts and water lilies,tasting homemade lake specialities...or just dreaming and idling. The picnic also includes two photo-breaks on the most beautiful view places-Brajici,panorama of Budvan riviera and above the St.Stefan.