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Trip through the history of Montenegro

Every Montenegrin will say :"Who didn't saw Cetinje,haven't been in Montenegro!"So don't miss to visit the most significant city in the history and culture of Montenegro and it's numerous monuments:The Cetinje monastery,from which Montenegrian bishops ruled through the centuries;Palace of King Nikola,Montenegrin king who together with his daughters made connection with 4 European courts;Vladin Dom,art museum with huge collection of art paintings and historical symbols,numerous embassies and museums... After Cetinje, next is the tour through the rocks of Montenegro(region called "stone sea") and visit to Njegusi,the most famous montenegrin village.


Njegusi is the place from which the royal dynasty Petrovic came and today the place where the famous gastronomic speciality-smoked ham from Njegusi is made. With this picnic your photo album will be enriched with the exciting panoramic photos:tour includes stopping at the two most beautiful view places in Montenegro-Brajici,view of Budva,Becici and St.Stefan and at the serpentine of Njegusi,from where you can see the whole Boka Kotorska. The last pearl of this picnic is the part of the World's cultural and natural treasury-Kotor.During the visit to this town,you'll see the cathedral of St.Trifun from the 12 century, Maritime museum,numerous palaces,old squares and feel the atmosphere of this unique medieval city.


The price of the excursion includes:

  • bus transport
  • visit to Palace of King Nikola,monastery of St.Petar Cetinjski,The Old City of Kotor, cathedral of St.Tripun,      Maritime museum
  • tasting homemade specialities
  • tourist guide services