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Monastery Ostrog


Unique holy place for the Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim religion

Less than two hours from the sea,high in the rocky mountain range,often sheltered by clouds and mist,lies monastery Ostrog-the most famous pilgrim place in Montenegro,built in the 17 century.It was founded by metropolitan Vasilije from Herzegovina,who was buried in the monastery and proclaimed to be a saint miracle worker.

Monastery is the place where the people belonging to different confessions (Ortodox,Catholic,Muslim...) come. The main reason for this is the belief that the relics of St.Vasilije are miraculous. Pilgrims say that the prayer in front of relics helps in recovery or in lessening the misfortunes of life. Besides the monastery Ostrog visitors will see the unique monastery Dajbabe, dedicated to The Ascending of Virgin Mary. It is placed in the natural cave and the only visible part out of the church is the spacious doorway with the two belfries.

The price of excursion to Ostrog Monastery includes:


  • bus transport to/from Ostrog
  • visit of the monastery Ostrog and monastery Dajbabe
  • tourist guide service




Monastery Ostrog