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The Camp Blue River - Scepan Polje ***
The Camp Blue River - Scepan Polje

Rafting Camp


The Camp "BLUE RIVER"a place where the roar of the mountain' river and birds singing will wake you in the morning while unreal silence and beauty will sound asleep you. If you enjoy the nature, if you like walking, cycling, fishing or hiking than Camp Monte River is a perfect choice and a place where you will always come back. If you prefer active holiday and recreation you can enjoy rafting the river Tara, or use the sports facilities, visit cultural and historical monuments of the area or cruise the Piva Lake.

It is very easy to reach Camp Monte River as it's located in the beautiful surroundings of Scepan Polje, just a few hundred meters from the highway Podgorica - Sarajevo, near the border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and only 300m from the place where the River Tara meets the Piva River creating the River Drina. The Camp got the name because of the colors of the Piva River for which the poet said: "I do not know if it's a clearer when 'working through' sources of the mountain Maglic or more blue while running out from the Piva Lake."

This area is very rich with cultural and historical monuments like the Medieval town of Soko - Herceg Duke Stephen which could be reached by walking trails, monastery Sv. John the Baptist "from the fifteenth century, the endowment of Stephen that is connected with macadam road with village. In addition, this area in the past was rich with gold, copper and other that evidenced by the remains of several mines. The nature of this region is unique. Vucevo Mountains rising above the River Piva, and nearby is a Perućica - the only forest in Europe. Along the river promenade is a distance of about 5 km, ideal for those who like to walk. This place is a database of fishermen, because they have the opportunity to "try out" the rivers Tara, Piva, Drina and Sutjeska or the Piva Lake.

Houses are wooden and each has beautiful terrace overlooking the river, made for enjoyment of you and your family or friends. Rooms with bathrooms are spacious and modernly furnished, designed to provide the conditions for staying throughout the whole year. Capacity is about 50 beds in double, triple and quadruple rooms and apartments. We will serve you organic food prepared on the traditional way. So, when you want to "escape" from everyday city noise, hard work and stress ... We are proud to offer you a holiday in the unbelievable quiet and unspoiled nature.


Price-list €

The Camp Blue River - Scepan Polje





Rafting on the Tara River from Brštanovice to Scepan Polje -18 kilometres of beautiful scenery and 21 challenging rapids, takes 3-4 hours.

  • 10.30h - Arrival of the participants on Scepan Polje, breakfast in the restaurant on the riverbank.
  • 11.00h - Preparations for rafting (providing all the participants with life jacket, helmets and appropriate waterproof clothes and shoes)
  • 12.00-12.30h - Driving with all- terrain vehicles to the Brštanovica (starting point of rafting)
  • 12.30-16.00h - Rafting through the most attractive rapids on Tara River (Borovi, Varda, Ćelije, Vjernovića buk...) with pauses on the most appropriate and beautiful spots, taking photos, swimming...
  • 16.00h - Arrival at Šćepan Polje, the end of the rafting, lunch in the restaurant on the riverbank. 

When you finish rafting and get hungry, you will enjoy the traditional Montenegrin dishes (appetizer-home made brandy, raft's soup, grilled trout, lamb or veal meet and potatoes made under iron pot on open fire, or vegetarian dish and salad, and dessert).


The price includes:

  • breakfast
  • transportation from Scepan Polje to Brstanovica 
  • rafting tax
  • residence tax
  • insurance
  • free parking for vehicles
  • rafting
  • lunch
  • neoprene footwear and clothing, helmets and life jacket .


It is necessary to take:

  • passport or identity card
  • swimming suit, and dry clothes and the package of good mood for unforgettable experience!



18km of Tara River Rafting from Brstanovica to Scepan Polje with overnight stay in the motel


Arrival at the Camp Modra Rijeka in the afternoon (located in Scepan Polje, a village on the same named border crossing on the way Podgorica-Sarajevo)

  • Free time to enjoy the untouched nature: walking, hiking, fishing, sunbathing... 
  • Dinner, music, campfire....
  • Overnight stay



  • Breakfast will be served till 10:30 am - specialties of domestic kitchen
  • Preparations for rafting / equipping with life jacket, helmets and protecting clothing and footwear
  • 11.30 - After short driving with off-road vehicles or vans to Brstanovica (the starting point of rafting)

You will meet skipper and other participants, and get instructions for behavior on the boat

  • Rafts have a capacity for 8 to 10 people and it is important that all participants follow rafting instructions 
  • 12.00h - Rafting through the most attractive part of Tara River in the length of 18 km, where plenty of nice excitement - such as cascades (waterfalls) cells and Vjernovića ranked with 5; Borovi, Varda, Cegrlo categorized with 4, and the other 17 categories 2-3).
  • Rafting lasts for about 3.5 to 4 hours with breaks for swimming and relaxation on Kulina, Manita Šipčanickom springs and creek.
  • Arrival at the Camp Modra Rijeka around 16:00 h 
  • Lunch - domestic specialties


The package price includes:

  • transportation by jeep or van
  • above mentioned meals 
  • accommodation in motel
  • guide services
  • rafting equipment 
  • rafting
  • tax for rafting
  • local tax
  • insurance
  • free parking for the vehicles


Price does not include:

  •  additional services and all other expenses not covered by the program


You should bring:

  • Passport or identity card
  • Swimming suit, and sweater and warm clothes for chilly evening



Two days of rafting through the entire navigable part of the Tara river in a length of 90 km, Sljivansko Radovan Luka Scepan Polje


  • Arrival at Camp Modra Rijeka in the afternoon (located on Scepan Polje, village on the border crossing on the way Podgorica - Sarajevo)
  • Meeting the environment and accommodation at the motel (newly constructed two - floors wooden house with two, three and five - bedrooms, bathrooms)
  • Dinner. You can spend your evening walking, fishing; hanging out by fire, or in a restaurant
  • Overnight stay



  • 08.00am - Breakfast
  • Enjoyable driving by jeep or minibus towards Šljivansko. We will cross the Piva Mountains, beautiful village Pisce (1,390 m) and Trsa (1.450 m), tran Todorov Do that is located below the most beautiful peak of Durmitor called Prutaš (2,300 m), the village Virak, top of Stozina, Sedlo (1,908 m). Everyone will enjoy viewing the Modro Lake, Valovito Lake, and mountain ski resort Zabljak (1421m)
  • 11.30 - Arrival at Sljivansko (Splaviste), 3km upstream from the bridge Djurdjevica Tara
  • After short preparations for rafting / dressing appropriate clothing and footwear for protection of the water, and life jacket and helmets / skipper will give instructions for behavior on the boat
  • 12.00h - Rafting to Radovan Luka lasts 5-6 hours (depending on water level) with breaks for lunch, photographing and swimming. On this part of rafting we will see the largest water spring in Europe called Ljutica), and the monumental bridge - Djurdjevica Tara (height 165m), the Monastery of Archangel Michael (from IVX century), than Adzijin Buk, Zugica luka, Musovica springs, Lazin stone (at this point Tara is tight only 4 m, deep around 16m)
  • 17.00 - Arrival to Radovan Luka, accommodation in the motel and free time for walking, fishing, dinning, parting by campfire
  • Overnight stay in motel



  • 8:00 am - Breakfast
  • Continuation of rafting through the most beautiful part of the Durmitor National Park LINK TO INFO Durmitor rifgt to Scepan Polje. Depending on water level, rafting lasts approximately 5-6 hours with breaks for lunch, photographing, swimming. 
  • We will visit authentic village Tepca that is famous for the old wire bridge and attractive rapids and than where the canyon is the deepest), Baijlovića Sige (most photographed place of Tara canyon), and picturesque rapids / Gornji I Donji Nozdruc and River Susica (originate at the top of Durmitor), and large attractive rapids Prodrtu Usov. It is possible to organize break in the Camp Brstanovica close to same named rapids that are longest in Tara River, and than rapids of Pine trees, Ward, Cells, Vjernovića buk ...
  • 15.00pm - Rafting ends at Scepan Polje where we will change clothes and enjoy lunch in the restaurant on the river bank. 
  • The end of arrangements


The package price includes:

  • full rafting equipment 
  • certified skippers and drivers services
  • transportation by all terrain vehicles during the arrangement
  • tax for rafting (45 €)
  • National Park Durmitor fee 
  • insurance
  • rafting
  • the above described meals
  • accommodation in the motels of camp Modra Rijeka and motel Radovan Luka
  • free parking for your vehicle


Price does not include:

  • Additional services and all other expenses not covered by the program


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  • Residential tax is not included in above prices. Customers are required to pay 1,00 €  for  the tax  per person per night.  Customers from the age of 12 to 18 have a 50% discount, while children under the age of 12 are exempt from paying.
  • Insurance is not included in above prices. Insurance is 0,50 € per person per day and is compulsory for everyone.



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