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Motel Kolibe - Bogetici, Niksic ***
Motel Kolibe - Bogetici, Niksic


ACCOMMODATION: The motel consists of bungalows i.e. apartments and rooms. There are 5 bungalows and eight rooms. The bungalows were built of wood. They are equipped with: air-conditioner, mini bar, internet, SAT TV. Two bungalows have four beds and three are with five beds.

Two triple rooms and six twin rooms are situated above the restaurant. They are equipped with air conditionetr and SAT TV. The bathrooms are not in the rooms, but separated in the hall.

The motel is ideal for family holidays and walks. For those who enjoy fresh air and pleasant environment motel Kolibe is the best choice. Also, automobile race, cycling... are organized near the motel.

RESTAURANT: A part of the motel is the restaurant Koliba. It was built in a recognizable Montenegrin style, according to the model and characteristics of traditional architecture. Seen as a national restaurant, it affirms and propagates healthy food, and takes back on the menu everything that our ancestors used to eat. It offers a diverse choice of Montenegrin specialties prepared in a traditional way. The restaurant also offers a big choice of drinks, especially domestic wines and beer of a high quality.

Restaurant "Koliba " offers a rich choice of Montenegrin specialties prepared in traditional ways. At any time you can order: cicvara, polenta, dried sheep meat, prosciutto with melon, veal or lamb under the iron pan, homemade cheese and cream, or you may decide to taste the house specialty known as "cottage." The restaurant also has a large selection of drinks, especially domestic wine and beer of superior quality.

"Koliba" also has the prestigious sign CD, what ranks it among the privileged restaurants for diplomats from all over the world.

MONASTERY OSTROG: The Monastery of Ostrog is a monastery of the Serb Orthodox Church placed near Niksic high up in the large rock of Ostroška Greda, against an almost vertical background. From the monastery, a superb view of the Bjelopavlići plain can be seen. It is dedicated to Saint Basil of Ostrog.

The Monastery was founded by Vasilije, the Metropolitan Bishop of Herzegovina in the 17th century. He died there in 1671 and some years later he was glorified. His body is enshrined in a reliquary kept in the cave-church dedicated to the Presentation of the Mother of God to the Temple.

The present-day look was given to the Monastery in 1923-1926, after a fire which had destroyed the major part of the complex. Fortunately, the two little cave-churches were spared and they are the key areas of the monument. The frescoes in the Church of the Presentation were created towards the end of the 17th century. The other church, dedicated to the Holy Cross, is placed within a cave on the upper level of the monastery and was painted by master Radul, who successfully coped with the natural shapes of the cave and laid the frescoes immediately on the surface of the rock and the south wall. Around the church are the monastic residences, which together with the church building and the scenery make this monument outstandingly beautiful.

The Orthodox monastery of Ostrog is one of the most frequently visited on the Balkans. It is visited by believers from all parts of the world, either individually or in groups. It represents the meeting place of all confessions.


Price-list €

Motel Kolibe - Bogetici, Niksic



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  • Supplement for Half board 6,00 € per person per day
  • Supplement for Full board 15,00 € per person per day
  • Children up to 7 years old free of charge
  • Children 7 - 12  years old 30% discount 
  • Residential tax is not included in above prices. Customers are required to pay 0,50 € for the tax per person per night. Customers from the age of 12 to 18 have a 50% discount, while children under the age of 12 are exempt from paying.
  • Insurance is not included in above prices. Insurance is 0,50 € per person per day and is compulsory for everyone.



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