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Hostel Izvor - Podgorica **
Hostel Izvor - Podgorica


At only 5 kilometres from the center of Podgorica, at the entrance to the marvelous canyon Moraca, hotel-hostel Izvor is the place of respite for those tired of the city noise and heat as well as for those who are rushing to the sea from afar, or returning from the sea.

During construction, the source of exquisite water was found, so the hostel did not only get its name, but also its sense: uplifting spirit and body, restoration of energy. It is ideal for excursions, sports teams and other groups of 50 to a hundred people... The wise Moraca River will provide them with peaceful dreams, and bright and gentle colors and warm wood in the rooms with the feeling of tranquility...

In addition to accommodation, the hostel offers other facilities. The tavern placed near the river, appropriate for the ambiance, built in a traditional way and the restaurant with 120 seats are on the disposal of the guests of the hostel. In our hostel, you can even get a grill and dishes and to prepare meals by yourselves, if you wish.

One of the great advantages of the hostel is cheap and good quality accommodation! The hostel does not contain any of the disadvantages of the city, such as: the noise, parking problems, high prices of overnight stay, impoliteness, etc. Hostel has a capacity of about 150 beds. There are two types of accommodation in the hostel:

  • Apartment part (French bed plus one or two extra beds, air conditioning, TV, mini bar);
  • Part intended for different groups of visitors, very comfortable with good conditions (rooms over 20m2), which has a shared bathroom and 8 shower cabins.


In addition to the overnight stay, the hostel also offers many other contents. There is a special discount for organized groups of visitors (students, excursionists, workers, etc.) who plan to stay in the hostel for at least 5 days. If you wish to sleep tight and comfortably, and to pay more than available and decent price, the hostel is the right place for your holiday.

In addition to the basic content of accommodation, in the Youth hostel IZVOR you can also:

  • rent the restaurant with 120 seats for organizing weddings, slava (Patron Saint's day), birthdays, graduation and other events;
  • in addition, you can rent the tavern, for organizing similar celebrations, but with smaller number of guests in a more intimate atmosphere.


Also, a special advantage of our facilities is that you can rent a space only (the tavern or restaurant), as well we the complete content and organization (food, drink, service)...


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  • Residential tax is not included in above prices. Customers are required to pay 0,60 € for the tax per person per night. Customers from the age of 12 to 18 have a 50% discount, while children under the age of 12 are exempt from paying.
  • Insurance is not included in above prices. Insurance is 0,50 € per person per day and is compulsory for everyone.



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